First of the Month Ramble

Wonderings, random thoughts, and maybe a giggle or two.

3 min readOct 1, 2021


Photo by Zac Omar on Unsplash

Happy October, everyone. Many, across the globe, have begun the eagerly awaited, kind of pandemic free slide into the major holiday season. I give these people the space to do what they have to do, to feel a sense of “normalcy”, at a time when so many things are strange and uncertain.

I don’t feel the same excitement about the holidays and I can’t say that I have since before my twenties. There is, however, an enjoyment that I derive from seeing so many happy-ish people. The early release of fall doughnut flavors was a plus. (Thank you, to the rebels at Dunkin Doughnuts who made that happen, in some areas) I got some in the second week of August. We all needed a win.

Have you noticed that people are a little nicer as of October 1st? As a peripheral curiosity, I’d like to see what the Kens/Karens/Privalettas/Beckys are gonna do; to see if that calcified layer of privilege will be penetrated by all this positive energy. If all else fails, retail therapy and loads of Pinot should do the trick. Add in the euphoria of changing leaves and … well, stay tuned.

Those first few nips in the air in October make me crave Michael Myers films, and candy corn pumpkins; to be able to harshly critique a scatter-brained get-away while drunk from sugar. It’s the stuff that Fall is made of… 😊

Also, I’m wondering how paper shortages are going to affect the next three months of advertising, toilet paper, gift wrapping, and such. Not to encourage more toilet paper hoarding to rival that of March 2020, but with all that’s looming, I personally found myself purchasing a little extra this month.

Do the great TP hoarders of 2020 still have stores left from their initial haul? I wonder… 🚽 😟

Another thing I love about the holiday season is that people are generally more giving and will donate to worthy causes without any expectation beyond the obligatory receipt for taxes. My attention and some of my spare funds are going to organizations that help survivors of sexual assault, human trafficking, and domestic abuse. I’ve learned that donating to smaller, local organizations has the biggest impact.




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